Sendoso's Office

When Sendoso approached Trendwood Furniture, the brief was clear: create an office space that is vibrant, functional, and inspiring. Today, we take you behind the scenes of this incredible transformation that embodies Sendoso's innovative spirit and Trendwood's commitment to excellence in office design.

The Conference Room: A Spectrum of Ideas

In the heart of the office stands the conference room, a testament to collaborative spirit. Lined with chairs that mirror the colors of creativity, the room is a canvas for vibrant discussions. The sleek, wooden table anchors the space, while the chairs in hues of electric blue, sunny yellow, and lively pink invite open dialogue and an exchange of ideas. This is where strategies are born and decisions are made, all within a setting that is designed to energize and inspire.


Private Offices: Personalized Productivity

Moving into the private office areas, Trendwood has struck a balance between privacy and openness. The desks are spacious and modern, with subtle industrial touches that speak to a dynamic workforce. Accompanied by plush, ergonomically designed chairs, each space is a personal haven for focus and efficiency.

Lounge Areas: Comfort Meets Collaboration

Understanding the need for informal collaboration spaces, Trendwood introduced lounge areas that blend comfort with style. A contemporary sofa paired with a minimalist coffee table creates an inviting atmosphere for impromptu meetings or a moment of respite, proving that comfort in the workplace is synonymous with productivity.

Open Work Areas: Fostering Teamwork

The open work areas are a hive of activity, designed to foster teamwork without sacrificing individual space. Trendwood's furniture selection here is all about flexibility and movement, with modular workstations and comfortable seating options that support the fluid nature of modern work.

Welcoming Reception: First Impressions Count

The reception area sets the tone for the entire office. Trendwood's design features a warm, welcoming desk against a backdrop of wood paneling and vibrant greenery. The company's logo stands out in bold orange, reflecting Sendoso's brand identity and signaling a forward-thinking approach.


Breakout Zones: Unwind and Inspire

No modern office is complete without zones where employees can unwind and recharge. Trendwood's innovative use of space and furniture creates pockets of tranquility amidst the bustling office environment. From a cozy nook featuring a snug couch to a lively kitchen area, these spaces offer a retreat for employees to relax and connect.