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Five-spoke office chair base made of durable black nylon, viewed from the top angle, suitable for ergonomic seating support.

Nylon Base

Rs.2,500.00 PKR
Enhance your office furniture with our strong nylon disk base, specifically designed to provide exceptional support and stability for your office chairs. The durability of office chairs is depends on this nicely made base, which combines cutting-edge...
Durable glossy aluminum star base for office chairs featuring end caps that shield from the floor

Star Base

Rs.5,000.00 PKR
Trendwood is setting a new standard for office furniture with its aluminum star base. This meticulously designed base is the cornerstone upon which comfortable and productive work days are built....
Polished steel metal chrome chair base with universal fit for office chairs.

Steel base

Rs.2,500.00 PKR
Transform your workspace with the Trendwood Steel Metal Chrome Chair Base, a paragon of engineering designed to meet the demands of modern offices in Pakistan. From the corporate giants of...


Rs.1,500.00 PKR
Improved performance: Chair wheel accessories can improve the performance of your office chair by making it easier to move around and by providing a smoother rolling experience. Increased comfort: Chair wheel accessories...
Gas Lift Chair Hydraulic

Gas Lift Chair Hydraulic

Rs.2,000.00 PKR
More height adjustment: Allows you to raise and lower your chair to a wider range of heights. Improved comfort: Ensures that you are always in a comfortable position. Reduced back pain: Can help...

TrendWood Add-On Accessories: Enhance Your Workspace

Welcome to the TrendWood Pakistan add-on accessories collection, where innovation meets practicality. Our carefully curated selection of office add-ons is designed to complement your workspace, providing both functionality and a touch of elegance. From ergonomic chair bases to sleek cable management solutions, each product is crafted to enhance your office environment.

Discover our range:

  • Ergonomic Chair Bases: Built for stability and comfort, our chair bases are the foundation of a productive seating experience.
  • Cable Management: Keep your workspace tidy with our smart cable organizers, designed to eliminate clutter and free up desk space.
  • Monitor Arms: Elevate your screen to the perfect viewing angle with our adjustable monitor arms, promoting better posture and a more comfortable workday.

Why TrendWood?

  • Quality Assurance: We use only the finest materials, ensuring that our accessories stand the test of time.
  • Design Excellence: Our products are not just functional; they are also aesthetically pleasing, adding a modern touch to any office.
  • Customer Satisfaction: At TrendWood, your satisfaction is our priority. We provide exceptional customer service and support to ensure a seamless shopping experience.