Polished steel metal chrome chair base with universal fit for office chairs.
Sleek and durable revolving steel base installation

Steel base

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Transform your workspace with the Trendwood Steel Metal Chrome Chair Base, a paragon of engineering designed to meet the demands of modern offices in Pakistan. From the corporate giants of Karachi to the bustling startups of Lahore and the government agencies of Islamabad, this chair base stands as a testament to robust design and aesthetic versatility.

Our Chrome Chair Base is the perfect balance of strength, crafted with precision from premium steel. The reflective chrome finish adds not just to the visual appeal but also serves as a protective layer against corrosion and wear. Its resilient nature ensures that your chair remains a reliable companion through countless work hours.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: Premium steel with a chrome finish
  • Design: Five-star base for maximum stability
  • Diameter: Standard sizing for universal chair compatibility
  • Features: Smooth revolving mechanism for 360-degree rotation
  • Load Capacity: Engineered to support a substantial weight without deformation


Q: How do I install the steel metal chrome chair base?
Installation is straightforward, with simple tools required. The base fits into the chair column with ease, and caster wheels can be attached without hassle.

Step-by-step visual guide for installing a chrome chair base Instructional image showing steel chair base assembly

Q: Can the chair base be used on all floor types?
Yes, the base is designed to be versatile and safe on various floor surfaces, from hardwood to carpet.

Q: Is the chrome finish on the chair base durable?
Absolutely. The chrome plating is applied to resist scratches and tarnish, ensuring a lasting shine and easy maintenance.