Dellus Staff Chair (Korean)

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  • Design Aesthetic: The chair features a contemporary design with a sleek black color that gives it a versatile appearance, suitable for a variety of office interiors.

  • Backrest: It has a mid-to-high backrest with a contour that appears to provide ergonomic support for the spine. The backrest includes a breathable mesh material, which is excellent for maintaining comfort over long periods of use, especially in warmer climates where ventilation is important.

  • Seat: The seat pan is well-padded and covered with what seems to be a durable fabric, likely to provide comfortable seating with a focus on longevity.

  • Armrests: Integrated armrests with padding appear to offer additional comfort and may help in reducing shoulder strain during extended periods of work.

  • Adjustability: There is a lever under the seat, suggesting height adjustability which allows the user to set the chair to their preferred seating height, aligning with desk height for better posture.

  • Base and Mobility: The chair has a five-point star base made of sturdy material, possibly nylon or metal, with dual-wheel casters that provide ease of movement across floor surfaces.

  • Swivel and Tilt: It likely features a swivel mechanism that allows the user to rotate freely, which is ideal for multitasking environments. There might also be a tilt mechanism to recline slightly for short breaks or to change posture.