Versatile wooden decorative shelving unit by Trendwood, perfect for contemporary home interiors in Pakistan.

Book Shelves 01901

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Our modern decorative shelf is crafted to cater to the classy preferences of Pakistan's decorators. Whether in Karachi's modern lofts or Lahore's traditional homes, this shelf brings a touch of elegance and order to any room.

The Trendwood decorative shelf serves not just as a storage solution but as a statement piece. It's where functionality meets art, providing plenty of space for books, vases, or picture frames, turning your wall into a canvas of personal expression.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: premium-quality wood, sustainably sourced
  • Installation: Wall-mounted with easy-to-follow instructions
  • Care: Simple wipe-down maintenance


Q: How do I install the decorative shelf?
The installation is straightforward. We provide all the necessary fixtures and an instruction manual. For wall types that require special attention, we recommend professional assistance.

Q: Is the wood treated for durability?
Yes, our shelves are treated with a protective coating to resist wear and ensure longevity.

Q: Can this shelf be used in a bathroom setting?
The shelf's material is robust; however, prolonged exposure to moisture should be avoided to maintain its pristine condition.

Q: What items can be displayed on this shelf?
It's designed for everything from books and planters to trophies and photo frames.