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Modern Decorative Shelf by Trendwood

Design Specification: Indulge in the seamless blend of functionality and style with Trendwood's Modern Decorative Shelf, a quintessential piece for the discerning homeowner in Pakistan. Crafted with precision, our decorative shelf boasts a contemporary asymmetrical design that merges the warmth of natural wood with the minimalist charm of crisp, clean lines. This shelving unit is engineered to be both a focal point and a practical storage solution, making it a versatile addition to any room.

  • Our modern decorative shelf is a perfect match for those looking for contemporary bookshelf design in Pakistan.
  • When you seek stylish wall shelves online, Trendwood is your go-to destination.
  • Trendwood offers affordable home decor shelving solutions that cater to the Pakistani market.
  • We understand the demand for unique storage solutions and deliver products that meet these needs.

Technical Specification:

  • Dimensions: Height 180cm, Width 60cm, Depth 25cm
  • Material: High-grade engineered wood with a melamine finish
  • Color Options: Oak, Walnut, and White
  • Shelf Capacity: Up to 15kg per shelf
  • Assembly: Easy DIY with a clear instruction manual
  • Maintenance: Wipe clean with a damp cloth; avoid direct sunlight


Q1: How much weight can each shelf hold?
A1: Each shelf is designed to support up to 15 kilograms, allowing for a wide range of items to be displayed securely.

Q2: Is assembly required for the Modern Decorative Shelf?
A2: Yes, this shelf is designed for easy self-assembly. It comes with all necessary hardware and a straightforward instruction manual.

Q3: Can the shelf be mounted to the wall?
A3: While the shelf is freestanding, it includes optional wall fasteners for additional stability, especially in homes with children or pets.

Q4: Is the wood used in the shelf sustainable?
A4: Trendwood is committed to sustainability; our engineered wood is sourced responsibly, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

Embrace the fusion of elegance and practicality with the Modern Decorative Shelf from Trendwood. This piece is more than just a furnishing; it's a statement of sophisticated taste tailored for the modern Pakistani home. The expert craftsmanship is evident in every detail, from the smooth finish to the robust construction that promises longevity.

The modular design of this shelf invites personalization, allowing you to arrange your books, keepsakes, and decorative pieces in a way that reflects your unique style. The open back and staggered shelves add an airy feel to any room, enhancing the perception of space without overwhelming it.

This shelving unit is not only a testament to Trendwood's dedication to quality but also to our understanding of the contemporary consumer's needs. We know that a home is a sanctuary, and our Modern Decorative Shelf is designed to uplift and organize your space efficiently and stylishly.

Incorporating the Modern Decorative Shelf into your home is a seamless experience. The technical precision with which it is manufactured ensures that every component fits together perfectly, making the assembly process a hassle-free task. The melamine finish not only adds a touch of sheen but also ensures durability and ease of maintenance.

At Trendwood, we are not just selling furniture; we are offering a lifestyle upgrade. Our Modern Decorative Shelf is a reflection of our promise to deliver premium quality, modern designs, and unparalleled functionality. With our commitment to customer satisfaction and a keen understanding of home decor trends in Pakistan, we ensure that our products are not only accessible but also at the forefront of design innovation.