Strip Staff Chair

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Color: Black

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  • Brand: Trendwood
  • Type: Task Chair / Office Chair
  • Material: The chair features a plastic backrest with a pattern of perforations for breathability, along with a fabric-covered padded seat for comfort.
  • Color: The entire chair is black,navyBlue, which suggests a focus on practicality and ease of matching with various office decors.
  • Backrest: The backrest is mid-height, with a curved design that may provide some lumbar support. The perforations allow for airflow, reducing heat and moisture buildup.
  • Armrests: It has fixed armrests that are integrated into the backrest's frame, providing support for the user's arms and shoulders.
  • Seat: The seat is likely foam-padded and covered with a durable fabric suited for daily use.
  • Base: The chair has a standard five-point caster wheel base, which seems to be made of plastic, providing mobility on various floor surfaces.
  • Adjustability: There is a lever under the seat, which typically indicates height adjustability. There may also be a tilt function, but this is not clearly visible from the images.
  • Headrest: There is no headrest, which is common in task chairs designed for active work environments where users may frequently lean forward or move around.
  • Design Elements: The chair’s design is utilitarian, with an emphasis on comfort and movement rather than luxury features. The straightforward style makes it versatile for different office settings.