Dusky Staff Chair

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  1. Color & Material: The chair is upholstered in black fabric, which is a practical choice for office settings due to its durability and ease of maintenance. The backrest is made of a breathable mesh material that offers comfort and support while allowing air circulation to keep the user cool.

  2. Seat Design: The seat appears to be padded for comfort and is likely adjustable in height, which is standard for task chairs to accommodate various desk heights and user preferences.

  3. Backrest: The mesh backrest is designed to provide ergonomic support and conform to the user’s back. It also appears to have a contoured shape to enhance lumbar support.

  4. Armrests: The armrests are fixed and likely made of a hard plastic material. They are designed to offer support to the user's arms during tasks such as typing or writing.

  5. Base and Mobility: The chair has a five-pointed star base with casters for easy mobility around the workspace. The base is typically made of durable plastic or metal to ensure stability and support.

  6. Adjustability: The chair likely features a pneumatic adjustment lever for changing the seat height. It may also have a tilt mechanism that allows the user to recline, which can be locked in place or left flexible for dynamic sitting.