Classic Pivot Staff Chair

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Office Chair - Comfort | TrendWood

Do you need a comfortable and ergonomic office chair that can improve your productivity and well-being? If so, you’ll love our Office Chair, a premium office furniture from TrendWood

Our Office Chair features:

  • A padded backrest and seat covered in black fabric for a smooth and cozy feel
  • Fixed armrests that are slightly curved to support your arms and shoulders
  • An adjustable height mechanism that allows you to customize the chair to your preferred level
  • A five-star base with wheels for easy mobility and stability
  • A sleek and modern design that complements any office decor

Our Office Chair is ideal for:

  • Office workers who spend long hours at their desks and need a comfortable and supportive chair
  • Gamers who want to enjoy their gaming sessions without compromising their posture and health
  • Students who need a chair that can help them focus on their studies and assignments
  • Anyone who values quality and craftsmanship in their office furniture

Technical Specifications:

  • Frame: high-strength polymer for maximum support.
  • Seating: Breathable, wear-resistant fabric.
  • Seat: Molded foam for ergonomic cushioning.
  • Mechanism: multi-tilt lock for personalised recline settings.
  • Base: reinforced five-star base with heavy-duty casters.
  • Colour: The chair is upholstered in a bright blue fabric, which can add a pop of color to an office setting and is a less traditional choice compared to standard black or gray chairs.
  • Backrest: It features a high backrest that is designed to support the entire back, which can help in maintaining good posture throughout the day.
  • Material: The upholstery is fabric, which is often chosen for its breathability and comfort.
  • Seat: The seat cushion appears to be ample and contoured, suggesting it is designed for extended periods of sitting with comfort in mind.
  • Armrests: The chair has curved, black plastic armrests that provide a place for the user to rest their arms and help reduce shoulder strain.
  • Base: It is supported by a standard five-point caster wheel base, made of durable black plastic, allowing for mobility and stability.
  • Adjustability: There is likely a pneumatic height adjustment lever under the seat, a common feature in office chairs for customizing seat height to fit various user and desk heights.
  • Design Features: The chair has a simple yet ergonomic design, focusing on user comfort with a cushioned back and seat.